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things you do for yourself

Whatever magick she was witnessing was new to her experience and worth a careful placement of her toes as she took next steps.

-Before Columbus by Maurllan

put it behind you

Maybe it's time to move on? Create your own next chapter. Find out what the villain did when she chose to follow her own path.

I'm a discovery writer, which perhaps sounds clever, yet is supernatural as hell. These creations are from my first two years in my current career. I couldn't have consciously predicted what you are seeing and enjoying. Hang a Poster on your bedroom wall, hallway, bath. Hold his books in both hands. Read Maurllan.

Try self-love and see how the journey changes.

...'Steps in the Journey'

reflect on feedback

especially your Self-Talk

when the Inner Critic is feeling pouty

let someone else on the Inner Team

have a say to brighten your day.

then let me...

read Maurllan

start a practice of Self-Lovingness with a mantra

back a project

get your Self-Loving groove playing with a creative act

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by the way

you are amazing