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馃尪馃尪馃尪馃尪馃尪 Turr贸n Bites : a Vivid Intimacy Romance Collection (eBook)

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Secret 107
Turr贸n Bites聽by Maurllan
a Vivid Intimacy Romance Collection

Steam Rating:聽Kisses | Subtle |聽Warm聽| Hot | Burning
16,000 words of erotic romance


Blond Nightmare and Wild Strawberry transport two humans to a clearing of white clover, wildflowers, and buzzing bees for an intimate date. Six hundred years earlier, a mare named Chess is bridesmaid to a steamy private wedding in a barn between two humans.

  • romance and sex
  • romantic nemesis
  • good luck endings romance
  • horse romance books
  • preternatural romance
  • witty banter romance
  • vampire romance

ePub ISBN: 979-8-88619-013-7

Note: Turr贸n Bites is included in the multi-book聽Equestrian Romance Bundle (Paperback)

FICTION / Romance / Erotic
FICTION / Romance / Time Travel
FICTION / Romance / Paranormal / Vampires

Erotic romance
Romance: fantasy & paranormal
Short stories

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Turr贸n Bites is included in Equestrian Romance Bundle

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