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🌶🌶🌶 Bard Poet : Timeless Love Spells (eBook)

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Bard Poet by Maurllan
Timeless Love Spells

Steam Rating: Kisses | Subtle | Warm | Hot | Burning
8,000 words in 59 poems & self-loving spells


Chant timeless spells. Follow prose mood rings from the shock of actual new relationships through anger, negotiation, and depression into an acceptance of awakening love for self-awareness. Is Happy Ever After a myth?

  • grieving stages poetry
  • poems about self love
  • magic poetry
  • 12 bar poetry
  • romance lyrics
  • poetry about love and magic
  • self love poems

ePub ISBN: 979-8-88619-002-1

Paperback edition

POETRY / Subjects & Themes / Love & Erotica
POETRY / American / General

Children’s / Teenage: Poetry
Poetry by individual poets

Modern and contemporary poetry (c 1900 onwards)

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